HAIL (Human and Artificial Intelligence Laboratories) is an inter-disciplinary participatory experience. The audience members play the role of volunteers in a “new science” study designed to teach the state-of-the-art computer embodied human ways of “being in the world”. This is an opportunity to teach this “super AI” some real sensory skills and a unique chance to learn what human corporeality has to offer to the most sophisticated of AI machines.

The experience consists of 3 parts: Ambulation (the walk), The Artifice (the experiment) and A-ha (the listening and singing party). This event took place during COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, and had to be delivered through video, audio and written instructions and props sent by post. The final part occurred in a Zoom listening party. We hope to run a live iteration of this project when restrictions posed by the pandemic are lifted.

Lead Researchers: Zulya Kamalova, Maude Davey

Associate Researchers: Mal Webb, Kylie Morrigan, Ria Soemardjo, Nick Weis, Dan Witton, Jeremiah Rose

The links:

The lockdown introduction to HAIL experiment.

The audio guide for Ambulation.

The audio track pre-recorded by the singers (EXMUTE).

The development of this project was supported by Creative Victoria.